Especially since Riot is the one that actually MAKES the rules

He also breaks the rules of buying items since he can do so from anywhere on the map. He ALSO lets his entire team upgrade their items when they have extra gold.Kayn’s Shadow Step breaks the rule of terrain collision since there wasn’t anything before him that allowed you to ignore terrain.Xayah and Rakan break the rules of recalling since there wasn’t anything before them that allowed a champion to recall instantly.These mechanics aren’t really major pain points as far as I’m aware, so I don’t really get why everyone gets up in arms about Akali’s shroud „breaking the rules of stealth“. Especially since Riot is the one that actually MAKES the rules of the game.You can have an issue with the mechanic itself, and that’s fine (I personally think that suppression should reveal Akali through her shroud, since you essentially have her secured in your grasp).

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