I feel like I’ve been at 100% for 4 weeks now

The question is, is Scalper similar in power level to Fledgling, which came out turn 3 and ran away with games, to warrant a ban, and that I am not sure of. I fully support ban on Fledgling and would not mind if they banned Scalper if it was shown to be a dominant force and swing games on its own as it would probably make arena more fun, but where should Blizzard draw the line? Should Deathspeaker also be banned? Mind Control Tech is a FAR more polarizing card that would be at the top of my list to be banned, then maybe we see about Scalper.I would say the better solution would be for Blizzard to print more removal and comeback cards, so the first player to make a better trade is not guaranteed to win the game. Overkill is moving more toward that dangerous reality given the strength of the new cards we seen thus far and hopefully Blizzard also includes new strong comeback options that promote a healthier, more back and forth style of gameplay..

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