I went through a phase where I’d watch it every single night

There is a requirement of a minimum of three hectares for tillage farms, one hectare for horticulture and 6 hectares for all others. During conversion tillage land less than 20 hectares can earn 260/ha per annum and then 170/ha when it has gotten full conversion status. In addition a top up of 30 per annum for red clover is included up to a maximum of 10 hectares.

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The community, everything. Everyone loves you. You put on that Quince Orchard jersey, that means something, right? You should cherish that.“. But most people are always too polite to say no, so they will expect you to get the message. If you want to become more productive and stop wasting time, you need to think about how you can get to the final answer faster. There’s nothing wrong with a rejection.

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