It is better that you use a stylus

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cheap air force Call Centre phone 613.533.6666When you leave Queen’s University as either an employee, faculty or as a student, you will lose access to the use of the Support Centre. Our web form is available 24 x 7.Closed evenings, weekends and holidaysThe following services are available through the IT Support CentreDirect Computer SupportChargeable service available to departments to support administrative functions. Requires standardized systems that meet best practice.Support of computer systemSupport of services being accessed by userDirect access to dedicated departmental support hotline and web formNo charge Onsite VisitsLoaner laptop while your computer is inthe Drop off depotPriority no charge service in Software DepotPlease see Multimedia Support PageWindows computers use BitLocker and Macs use FileVault to fully encrypt the hard driveMacintosh: running OS X 10.7 or newer cheap air force.

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