Juan Martin del Potro celebrates taking the fourth setNational

Andy Murray in actionGet Sport updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe Scot gave it everything he had on what has been one of the most difficult weeks of his life following the death of his grandfather, whose funeral he missed to represent Great Britain, but Murray couldn’t find a way past an equally inspired opponent who won 6 4, 5 7, 6 7, 6 3, 6 4.It was a classic from first until last, even if the result did not go the way the vast majority wanted it to.The joint was jumping and the fact that a big Argentina support was in, right next to the most vocal of the British support the Stirling University Barmy Army which follows the GB team around the world the atmosphere was more highly charged than even the semi against Australia last year.Little wonder. This was a serious heavyweight contest a repeat of the Olympic final in Rio just five weeks ago when the Scot prevailed after four hours that was as brutal as it was brilliant.Juan Martin del Potro celebrates taking the fourth setNational pride was at stake that night and yesterday was no different in that respect. This was the first of five matches over the weekend but it was arguably the most crucial as both nations’ biggest hitters slugged it out right from the off.The first game of the match took eight gruelling minutes.

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