Kyle is regressing and I think most of it has to do with ego

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It is the most common and direct way to call someone out for asking a loaded question. It is frequently used in discussions, which again is what I thought this sub was, a discussion forum, to point out that someone is using a logical fallacy. It is not seriously insinuating that they are beating their wife..

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It’s all opinion and personal interest based. We may agree on this while others have a different opinion. One may make $50,000/yr while someone else makes $20,000/yr. This is worthy account. However if the card is barely a year or two old and they have other cards that are older than this then it won be a big impact. If they can get another decent card then in 10 years when this card drops off of credit report, they have the new card account aged at 10.

The PSOL asks students to respond to 26 statements about online learning with both a level of importance and a level of satisfaction. The data from the survey provides the basis to identify the things that matter to COE’s online students and how satisfied these students are with them. With this information, COE can target the specific areas most important to its students to enhance both satisfaction and retention.

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