Photo taken by Mark Yokoyama

„The son of a working single mom, Leo Jean Baptiste grew up speaking Haitian Creole in a New Jersey home without internet access. He’s also one of our inaugural group of 100 high school seniors to receive a $40,000 Amazon Future Engineer scholarship and Amazon internship,“ he said in a statement. Passion for invention led us to create Amazon Future Engineer so we could help young people like Leo from underrepresented groups and underserved communities across the country.

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Winick chronicled his friendship with Zamora and Sasser in the graphic novel „Pedro and Me: Friendship, Loss and What I Learned.“Zamora died on Nov. 11, 1994, with Sasser at his side just hours after the airing of the final episode of the season, which featured the two men exchanging their vows, according to MTV.Sasser continued his work as an AIDS activist and educator.Sasser recently moved from Portland, Oregon, to Washington when Kaplan took a job with AIDS United, a non profit group. The couple had dated off and on for years since the 1990s, but moved in together about six years ago, Kaplan said.Sasser was a pastry chef at RIS, a Washington restaurant, but he was unable to work for the last five weeks, Kaplan said.

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