White Collar Crime is a blanket term covering a wide range of

You are perfectly safe when interacting with the police if you use this adage, „If I act like an ass, they will treat me like an ass.“ Be polite and comply with out question to what they need you to do, even if you don’t fully understand why they are asking you to do that. By doing this you diffuse their tension and you can have an adult conversation with them and can clear up any misunderstanding.She was an insufferable cunt, but that doesn’t give the police the right to smash her face in.I know a lot of women like her. The „hippie“ „complain about gentrification“ „don’t know how much my rent is my dad pays it“ type who got a $200,000 education so they can be the „smartest“ soccer mom at the weekly bookclub.I truly hate them, I don’t want to share this beautiful world with them because I honestly think they are inferior human beings for willingly choosing such mundane lives.But, to see her face covered in blood.

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