Yamamoto took a high shot that hit the six foot seven Koskinen

This ‘n’ that: Chiasson and the Washington Capitals beat Vegas in the Cup final last year but that didn stop Chiasson best buddy, Golden Knights first line winger Jonathan Marchessault, from being at Chiasson day with the Cup this summer Judging by the skate at the suburban Caps practice rink Sunday morning (10 am), it looks like Oilers won make any skater lineup changes riding a two game winning streak, which means Ty Rattie, Kailer Yamamoto and Kevin Gravel will be out. Yamamoto took a high shot that hit the six foot seven Koskinen on the side of the head from about 25 feet and apologized to the big guy who could have turned the five foot seven, 156 pound Yamamoto into an accordion if he wanted to. But Koskinen shrugged it off..

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