Who we are?

Build Top Lux is a company, established in 2011 with the aim of investment in real estates. We work with recognized experts: designers, architects, engineers and technicians, highly experienced in their field. We are ready to work by world standards; to exceed the expectations of the customer and society; to occupy position in the highest segment of the real estate market. The company constructs residential and administrative complexes. Loyal customers are multiplied due to the invariably high quality and unconditional adherence to ethical business practices. At every stage of our work we follow the principles of good working ethics, transparency and high professionalism..

Our mission

Our mission is to create a comfortable and luxurious place for living. By applying innovations in building, we strive to meet the needs of modern man in relation to the living standard and the efficient use of resources.

Home is where the heart is.

Pliny the Elder

What are we doing?


In European capitals emblematic buildings stand out, which are subject to search by connoisseurs. They create the cultural and architectural look of the city. Build Top Lux is trying to create this image. Subject to investment demand are only top locations in attractive areas, in which the company creates new dimensions of modern and classical in order to give Sofia a new, better look. The construction of buildings is designed in such a way that it shall resist time, whereas facades are distinguished by their timeless vision. Build Top Lux is a guarantee for quality and brand for luxury. The invested materials are consistent with the achievements of time, innovative technologies, with a view to the future, contributing to the comfort of their users. Partners in theses processes are recognized professionals, who share the same values and understanding, that the quality of life is measured by the unlimited possibilities of human imagination.


One building does not limit to its erection only. Life is much more important than matter and living is much more tangible than materials. Owners of one residential complex add color to the building and leave impression on it. The look and maintenance of the building speak of its owners. The maintenance of the common parts of the buildings of Build Top Lux express the whole concept of the company: comfort, luxury, satisfaction of the customer. Due to this reason services, which are supplied, comply with the location, type, sizes of the building and requirements of users.


In Build Top Lux work highly qualified experts, having the respective educational qualifications, necessary skills and experience, thanks to which the quality of the supplied services is realized. Employees are constantly improving their qualifications through trainings and seminars. Marin Rusev is manager.