Build Top Lux Ltd. is looking for innovations in the building materials

At the largest building exhibition in the world BAU in 2015 the team of Build Top Lux Ltd. got acquainted with the facade system Schüco FWS 60 CV.
SchücoFassade FWS 60 CV is a new generation facade system for building classic and higher floor level windows with a wide range of applications. The system is distinguished by mximum light transmission, thin visible profile widths and high functionality

Revolutionary solution

The constantly increasing requirements for noise and thermal insulation in recent years have led to the creation of increasingly more massive window profiles. And it seemed that all technical requirements couldn’t be implemented through one universal elegant system construction. Now Schüco creates one revolutionary solution, namely the facade system Schüco FWS 60 CV (ConcealedVent), which combines maximum light transmission, the thin visible profile widths with the high functionality and optimal thermal insulation. It guarantees maximum light transmission through the merging of the load-bearing parts and the sash: the opening and non-opening elements cannot be distinguished from the outside. This is unique for this sector. Visible are only the handle and the opening parts from the inside through a flat filigree fugue between the frame and the sash. It is possible to open in horizontal and vertical axis.

Advanced functions

Advanced features include high quality outer, mid and inner sealing system, applied in facades with the highest requirements for wind and sidelong rain load.

  • One of the methods to embed the facade FWS 60 CV is like a window tape on bryustung: shaping of window tape on bryustung, easy installation on the bryustung through system fittings, possibility for combination with the standard system FWS 60.
  • Another method for embedding is like a suspended facade with cold areas. This method is characterized by optically continuous Pfosten-RiegelFassade, presence of Pfosten in the ventilation area and installation in the form of horizontal elements
  • The third method of embedding is like a window – one optically elegant solution, in which the connection with the wall is made by system components. Possibility for SimplySmart casings.

Schüco Fassade FWS 60 CV